Where do I begin about the community? Often times people don't realize when purchasing Young Living oils for the first time, is when you do so you are joining a "team". Heck, I didn't even realize the importance of this when I signed up!

A community…

Let me tell you about our amazing team! We are a part of a team called Essential Success.

We are a team, a community, a tribe, a village, a good old group of people using and falling more in love with oils everyday. As leaders, some of us seek Jesus and some don't, we invite and include everybody regardless of their belief! We pursue health, but we love good chocolate and we especially love people who love good chocolate too. We use essential oils for EVERYTHING, but we are totally a fan of those who just want to give oils a tiny chance. We work our tails off but we encourage breaks. We travel and adventure a LOT, but we love being home doing nothing with our families. We break all kinds of records in our businesses and we work really hard, but we also take nights off just to be cuddled up on the couch with our families and a good movie.

We have private Facebook groups (big and small!) where questions and searches can be made at any minute! We have TONS of amazing videos and resources that help you feel a little less overwhelmed when you first start your oily journey.

We are a group of like minded friends, wives(& husbands), mommas(& daddies), business women(& men), encouragers, dream chasers, hard workers, knowledge sharers, adventure lovers, and fun havers. It's something really truly special that a lot of people don't get to experience! I am SO blessed to be on the team that I am on! SO thankful for each and every person on my team, and so thankful for the amazing leaders who have set us all up for success on our individual journeys to wellness!!

Welcome to Oily Superstars!